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Our Mission:

IamDgital was created with the sole purpose to help small and medium sized companies accomplish their digital marketing goals.

Our main focus is on delivering real and measurable results. What this means to you as a client is positive Return on your Investment throughout the whole process of building together your brand.

When we talk about IamDigital's mission GROWTH is the keyword. Whether we have to grow your customer base, the awareness for your product or service or simply the traffic to your website we are here to help.

While measuring success and growing your business is our top priority we also care to make sure you understand the whole process, what we do and why we are doing it. We have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs pouring tens of thousands of dollars in marketing campaigns, based on the strategies they do not understand with questionable success.

Creating CLEAR and ACTIONABLE marketing plan in advance, explaining the costs, setting CLEAR and MEASURABLE goals and walking you through the whole process is what we believe in.

Put all of the above in one sentence: While we work TOGETHER on growing your business you will get CLEAR RESULTS, actionable insights and all the support you need, as end the the day this is YOUR business and your success, we are just here to help.

Knowledge & Experience:

We always improve our skills and tools and acquire knowledge of the latest and greatest in the digital marketing field, but real positive results also come with experience.

Our founder, Georgi has more than 7 years experience helping small and medium sized companies reach their business and marketing goals. With additional 10 years experience in sales he understands the important relationship between your sales team and our combined marketing efforts.

What you get as a clients is real life, proven to work tactics based on decades of experience.